Organization for the Utopia Smart City ™ project began in the Summer of 2019 by the three founders, and has since expanded to include a rockstar Operations Team, Advisory Board, and Internship Program.


Sophia Olivas – Co-founder 1WorldNow Hedge Fund, CEO of Greythorn Marketing, Real Estate Investor, United Nations Rep Candidate and Speaker on Women’s Financial Sovereignty.


David Werba – Co-founder/Manager 1WorldNow Hedge Fund, Blockchain Advisor at Emanate (EOSIO) and multiple EOSIO startups, Founding Team member and former CMO at Musicoin (Ethereum), Cybersecurity expert and former DOD contractor assisting Rescue Operations in the fight against Human Trafficking, Large scale web developer since 1999.


Mark Anthony Thompson – CEO at The Top Tier, Mobile Home Transporter and Park converter, Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Lender, Tax Lien expert and teacher with over 2000 students.



Leighton Smith – Over 20 years in financial and commercial roles in Tech, Manufacturing, Banking, and Telco, former CFO at NetSuite Global Business Unit (Oracle), former CFO at Advance International Inc., former CFO at Seal Software Group.

Jim McManus – Over 20 years experience in Solar and Automotive industry Operations, Advanced Product Quality Development, and Manufacturing Engineering (BSME), responsible for $455 Million in P&L and $48 Million in capital, President/COO at Prop Guard.

Advisory Board

Nick Brown – Current City Energy Manager for City of Phoenix, current Board Member at Salt River Project (SRP), Solar and Renewable Energy expert since installing his first PV system in 1980, specialized skills in Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Action plans, Field Ecology, Sustainability Science, and Lobbying.

Vicki Sandler – Senior Federal Energy Regulatory and former Arizona Corporation Commission Attorney for Arizona Public Service Company (APS), President/CEO at APS Energy Services (APSES), Executive Director at AZ ISA, Inspirational Speaker & Award-Winning Author.

Ryan Kemmet – Alternative Energy Consultant to Department of Energy Programs, Inventor and Innovator for renewable and clean energy products, Former Director of Global Innovation and Business Development for Linamar Corporation, Arizona IP Attorney.

Nick Cappello – IT Professional and Systems Architect for over 20 years, former Network Architect at Coca Cola and Amoco Oil, Infrastructure Design consultant to Healthcare providers, Fortune 100’s, and multiple EOSIO blockchain startups.


Our mission is to develop smart cities that provide affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, and alternative energy resulting in reduced carbon footprint that runs through a decentralized, transparent, and collaborative economy.


We envision a collaborative world, where data is transparent and people build upon our technology through self-sustainable communities where housing and food are provided for and wealth is built-in resulting in the stewardship of the planet and of each other.


The current challenge is we are in a pandemic, entering an economic recession, and still inside a global timeout that greatly affects the lower and middle classes financially. The Federal Reserve recently printed over $6 Trillion for COVID relief, and likely more stimulus is coming. Record unemployment claims and hyperinflation are real ongoing threats to the legacy financial system. Our disposable culture has wreaked havoc on the earth and left us feeling isolated and disconnected. We need to make positive change, and we need to ACT NOW.